The open source platform everybody knows


The high quality software that the Wikipedias and many other knowledge platforms run on

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What is MediaWiki?

MediaWiki is the high quality software that the Wikipedias and many other websites run on.

MediaWiki is the collaboration and information platform that Wikibase Solutions uses as the basis for the Wikibase products.


Why did Wikibase Solutions choose MediaWiki?

In 2012 Wikibase consciously chose MediaWiki because it offers the highest reliability, flexibility and security.

Just as important, MediaWiki was chosen because it was open source and supported by a strong organization and community.

We are delighted that nowadays (October 2023) the MediaWiki platform is in the best shape and continuously improved by a vibrant community.

What is Wikibase Solutions' contribution to MediaWiki?

We believe that Open CSP is our major contribution to MediaWiki. Open CSP is the open source framework that makes MediaWiki Enterprise ready. It is a bundle of extensions and application content. Open CSP is a framework that provides standards and tools for a marketplace of off-the-shelve products and solutions.

More information on Open CSP can be found on the website.

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