"A very clear toolbox" occupies a unique position amongst all knowledge platforms in the Netherlands. With over 660 users from 250 different companies, it is bursting with energy. Thirty-one expert groups write the ShoppingTomorrow handbook together by easily sharing and enriching information.

The secret to trouble-free writing to so many people at the same time lies in the use of the "Wikibase". "I don't understand that so few companies are considering using wiki software, it's a missed opportunity. In the Netherlands, we are the only platform that runs on wiki software. "This is Jorij Abraham, Program Manager of In April 2014, he came into contact with Wikibase Solutions through an internet search. ShoppingTomorrow needed a deepening in which text was a requirement. "I knew Wikipedia's use of wiki."


Abraham makes an appointment with Ad Strack van Schijndel of Wikibase Solutions. They meet each other several times in two weeks to discuss all functional requirements and wishes. "Ad knows exactly what he is talking about and also knows the limits of his product. Within fourteen days he realized a basis with which we could continue. I was very happy with this speed and the associated costs were very reasonable. Then Ad started building further. The nice thing about him is that he comes up with his own ideas on how things can be improved. Where did he get it? These arise from our close cooperation and his experience. Wikibase Solutions is really a very specialized agency."

Agile has now been online for almost four months. "Even today I speak Ad at least twice a week. We are working "agile competitive". That means that we first put something down very quickly and then constantly improve. In this way, we make optimum use of developments in the wiki software market and keep users sharp. New features are added every week."

Adoption rate

"A characteristic of the knowledge platform is that it does very well what it promises in a simple way. The adoption rate is high. A frequently heard statement after the first introduction to is: “Oh, it's that easy.” We still offer a one-hour training, even though we sometimes hear afterwards: “This was not necessary at all.” After all, the experience teaches that the manual we provide is often not read. "

Ideal platform

Abraham is very satisfied with the functioning of and the 660 current users. He expects this number to increase before the ShoppingTomorrow handbook is presented in January 2015. "Simply because people like to write. Information will be shared more and more often. Also beyond the boundaries of companies. The "Wikibase" is a very clear chest tool; open making it easy to create and improve content. The good guidance and knowledge of Wikibase Solutions form a solid foundation for this. It is really an ideal platform. "

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