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Only software that is custom-made makes its functionality excel

Whether you want to optimally support your processes, or you want to freely share knowledge with others. Wikibase guarantees a reliable, flexible and fast solution. As soon as the activities in your organization require adjustments to the system, Wikibase steps in to perform. Wikibase Solutions is ready to take on your development challenges.

Services Open CSP as a Solution Products MediaWiki
Services Open CSP as a Solution Products MediaWiki

Open CSP as a Solution

The Wikibase Open Content Services Platform (Open CSP) as a solution enables us to build products on the open source MediaWiki platform.

Knowledge Bases
We create powerful, enterprise ready and open source workspaces. Your knowledge and operational processes are seamlessly supported.
Web portals and websites
Organizations choose open source web portals to integrate applications, people and business. Both within the organization and also with external business partners.
Web-based platforms
Our open source web platforms usually consist of the wiki (also for mobile), other applications, and the communication between external services.
Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
Wikibase's open source CRM manages and improves your company’s relationships and interactions with your clientbase and potential customers.
Management information systems (MIS)
Clients use our open source Management Information System to realize the maximum benefit from investment in personnel, equipment and business processes.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
Open source ERP systems manage day-to-day business activities. Examples are purchasing, accountting, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations.
Document management systems (DMS)
The open source DMS is built to efficiently capture, track and store all electronic documents. Our superior search capabilities are supported by Elasticsearch.
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
Wikibase open source CSRD makes your sustainability information transparent and reliable. Implement, report and monitor CSRD regulations smoothly.
Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Wikibase ISMS manages your information security. Design, implement, manage, monitor and review your information security in one place, open source.
Training in MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki
We offer trainees customized programs for all levels. By sharing and transferring our expertise, our team gets you in the MediaWiki driver's seat.
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