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Organizations often don’t make a clear distinction between knowledge bases, knowledge management systems, knowledge hubs, knowledge centers, wikipedia’s or modern intranets. We prefer to talk about knowledge bases. Wikibase Knowledge Base is a tool for organizations to leverage collective knowledge, enhance collaboration and improve internal processes. Our Knowledge Base does it all.
  • A wiki where collaboration and knowledge meet
  • Open source and open participation by all employees
  • A cloud-based basic version is up and running in a jiffy
  • The basis is Open CSP

What is Wikibase Knowledge Base?

Wikibase Knowledge Base is a tool to leverage collective knowledge, enhance collaboration and improve internal processes. Using Open CSP, Wikibase Knowledge Base is a collaborative platform where information is easily found, shared, edited and stored. Our knowledge base encourages open participation by all employees in an organization. The wiki is built on the open-source MediaWiki platform. Using Wikibase Knowledge Base organizations stay competitive in today's dynamic business environment.

The purpose of Wikibase Knowledge Base

Why choose a knowledge base? Your organization’s performance is enhanced.
  • Wikibase Knowledge Base is designed to be a simple, cloud-based, internal knowledge base
  • The wiki is the interdepartmental collaborative documentation engine that centralizes the expertise and content of your organization
  • It has powerful features like: automatic versioning functions, ful- text search, faceted search, page templates, permissions management, create new hubs/projects/subjects, and inter-relationships  
  • The basis is Open CSP with lots of out-of-the-box building blocks and features connecting content with metadata
  • The knowledge base is easy to use in a corporate context, focusing on reading and contributing content, boosting effectiveness
  • The platform is open source supporting the transparent MediaWiki community
  • The wiki is easy to install, and a basic version is up and running in a jiffy

Get ISO 27001 certified

The ISO 27001 certificate helps us and our customers reduce information security risks and prevent incidents. In this way we protect the reputation of our company. With the ISO 27001 certificate we comply with laws and regulations regarding information security. It is the way to demonstrate that we have a good management system for information security. We have consciously opted for the updated version ISO 27001:2022, which replaces the old ISO 27001:2013 standard. The ISMS (Information Security Management System) that we use for information security was built by ourselves and is also available for other organizations.

BSI ISO27001
Fits perfectly
We build your ambition.
State of the art
Incorporation of state-of-the-art technology.
Fast in operation
Basic version within a few weeks.
Grows along
Scales along with your future ambitions.

The benefits of Wikibase Knowledge Base

There are many advantages to implementing a Wikibase Knowledge Base. Here is a selection.

Centralize knowledge

A platform to document and distribute insights and expertise. By pasting centralized information via hyperlinks to other (internal) information systems -such as CRM, facebooks, CMS and applications- knowledge bases are built.

Enhance collaboration

A wiki prevents unnecessary and irrelevant mail traffic. Selected pages can be protected or protected from updating, such as instructions and manuals. State-of-the-art version control and history overview.

Onboarding and training

Employees can benefit from a knowledge management system as it serves as a repository. Training materials, best practices, case studies and relevant documentation are easily accessible, aiding in the onboarding process.

Structuring information

Wikis allow users to structure new and existing information. Sometimes the structure, like the content, is editable by the users. Avoiding redundancy by preventing the duplication of efforts.

Collaborative writing

People working on a project can share all relevant information. A wiki provides a framework for collaborative writing. This makes it possible for different authors to reach agreement in a structured way.

Risk management, compliance and regulation

Insights into risks and how to mitigate them are crucial for an organization. In industries with strict compliance requirements, a knowledge hub assists in maintaining and documenting relevant policies, procedures, and regulatory information.

Use cases

Organize your content

Organize your content with metadata, ownership and workflows. The best quality content is the result of repeated use and improvement.

Empower your teams to create and manage content by combining standardization and flexibility.

Find and use your knowledge

The state-of-the-art search capabilities allow you to find the knowledge you need. Templated search results allow you to present the found information in an actionable way.

Shape your company's shared knowledge to fit your processes and to efficiently do your work.

Upgrade your knowledge base

It starts with creating a knowledge base that lives up to high expectations. And it doesn't end there. You will get to know the limitless possibilities of Wikibase products.


We take pride in our work and would love to show you some positive feedback by MediaWiki customers who came before you

Working with Wikibase is a fantastic experience. They are attentive to my wishes as a customer, deliver their work on time and with the highest quality.

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The possibilities with a semantic Wiki have been virtually limitless with the help of the expertise of Wikibase.



Details Starter Professional Enterprise
Wysiwyg content editing Wysiwyg editing with many options for using specific types of content. Same editor as used on Wikipedia.
Professional edit tools Additional edit tools.
Custom edit tools Ability to add specific tools.
Metadata Define page types with their own metadata.
Import from MS Word Create a page from an MS Word document, including images and references.
Spaces - basic Create spaces in the KB to segment pages and limit search to spaces.
Spaces - advanced Spaces - basic plus space membership, private spaces and configurable space home and menu.
Digital asset management Management of digital assets such as images, documents, videos and audios.
Customizable workflow Define properties, statuses and actions to design the perfect workflow.
Workspace Ability to separate draft and published versions of pages. In the workspace the draft can be authored, reviewed and approved before it is published to the appropriate space.
Customizable audit trail By default changes are tracked. It is possible to define custom events that are logged when triggered.
State-of-the-art search
  • Simple search
  • Advanced search
  • Faceted search
  • Customizable preview
Full version control All changes to user content or application content is stored as a version that can be reviewed, compared and restored.
Available on mobile devices The default skin is responsive so the same system will be used on all devices. The styling will be adapted so that it meets your requirements for mobile devices.
Managed boiler plates, templates and snippets Preloaded content (boiler plates), insertables that are automatically updated when changed (templates) or that are not (snippets). Manageable as other pages.
Import Batch import of pages or documents.
Export Export of KB information to csv.
API Query KB information from external systems.
SSO with group mapping Groups in the company directory can be mapped to the KB groups with permissions. When users are added to a group in the company directory (e.g. Azure AD) the users are automatically assigned to the corresponding KB user-group and get the group permissions. When removed from the group in the company directory the corresponding user-groups and rights are withdrawn.
Notifications Ability to 'watch' pages to get notified at changes. Automatic addition to watchlist can be attached to properties of the page, such as ownership or reviewer.

Our valued clients

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I want a Wikibase Knowledge Base wiki. Where do I begin?

Teaming up with Wikibase begins with understanding your ambitions and requirements. Building a basic version of a knowledge base wiki based on Open CSP is done within weeks. Wikibase has all the expertise in-house. We meet regularly with your Product Owner to discuss progress and priorities. The basic version is finalized by your acceptance and installing a Service Level Agreement or Managed Services Contract.

Knowledge Base wiki support

Support of the knowledge hub is a collaboration between users and Wikibase Solutions. Wikibase provides releases, updates and patches. Depending on what the user wants to achieve, the customer maintains the wiki when it comes to content.

Wikibase’s products, services and solutions

In addition to knowledge bases, Wikibase Solutions offers a wide range of products and services that significantly improve information management. Take a look at our other smart solutions, for example:

Want to know more?

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