Information Security Management System

Wikibase ISMS

MediaWiki-powered ISMS that supports your organization's focus on information security

Use cases Features

Use cases

Deal with your information security risks

With an ISMS you gain insight into your information security risks and the necessary policies, procedures to adequately manage them.

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ISMS iso and nist.png

Work with your favorite information security framework

For dealing with information security ISO 27001 is the international standard. Another popular framework is the NIST Cyber Security Framework. NIST CSF is compatibel with ISO 27001.

The Wikibase ISMS can be preloaded with both ISO 27001 and NIST CSF information.

Get ISO 27001 certified

For many organization the motive for having an ISMS is to get ISO 27001 certified. The Wikibase ISMS is the perfect tool to support you in that process.

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Details Starter Professional Enterprise
Manage risks and their mitigation In the Wikibase ISMS you register and manage risks, controls and policies. , how to x x x
Statement of Applicability Provides overview and needed for certification. x x x
Evidence Plan evaluations and register evidence in a practical way and with instructions. x x x
Controlled improvement Register incidents, deviations, problems and proposed improvements and execute required action in a controlled way. x x x
Tasks and responsibilities Register roles with tasks and responsibilities to clarify how information security is embedded in your organization. x x x
Wysiwyg content editing Wysiwyg editing with many options for using specific types of content. x x x
Professional edit tools Additional edit tools. x x
Custom edit tools Ability to add specific tools. x
Metadata Define additional page types with their own metadata. x x x
Import from MS Word Create a page from an MS Word document, including images and references. x x
Spaces - basic Create spaces in the ISMS to segment information. Provides a practical way to register similar information for different departments or subsidiaries. x x
Spaces - advanced Spaces - basic plus space membership, private spaces and configurable space home and menu. x
Customizable workflow Define properties, statuses and actions to design the perfect workflow. x x x
Workspace Ability to separate draft and published versions of pages, for example for policies. In the workspace the draft can be authored, reviewed and approved before it is published to the appropriate space. x x
Customizable audit trail By default changes are tracked. It is possible to define custom events that are logged when triggered. x
State-of-the-art search Highly configurable search for simple, advanced and faceted search. x x x
Full version control All changes to user content or application content is stored as a version that can be reviewed, compared and restored. x x x
Available on mobile devices The default skin is responsive so the same system will be used on all devices. The styling will be adapted so that it meets your requirements for mobile devices. x x x
Managed boiler plates, templates and snippets Preloaded content (boiler plates), insertables that are automatically updated when changed (templates) or that are not (snippets). Manageable as other pages. x x
Import Batch import of pages or documents. x x x
Export Export of ISMS information to csv. x x x
API Query ISMS information from external systems. x x
Single Sign On Integrate the ISMS with your company directory for SSO. x x
Notifications Ability to 'watch' pages to get notified at changes. Automatic addition to watchlist can be attached to properties of the page, such as ownership or reviewer. x x x
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