Successfully invest in software

In the journey from startup to a mature software company, our team has always focused on the success of our customized software for the user. After all, customer success is also our ultimate appreciation.

How does that work?

We have invested a lot in the following proven success factors:

  • The organization process is leading for the solution
  • First version is quickly ready for use and further development
  • Provide future-proof technology with the MediaWiki platform
  • Self-managing teams with enthusiastic specialists
  • Optimal availability of the software
  • Advice with a clear requirement for clear milestones
  • Fixed pricing for the basic version and further development
  • Implementation that guarantees sustainable flexible use
  • Constantly working on user experience and user interface

After a sales growth of 350% in 2017, we will continue to build on ambitions this year: supporting fine companies with our applications in relevant projects.

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