Recent developments around Neo4j and MediaWiki

Metadata storage in a graph database -
an update

Last year we published an article about an extension we are developing that allows users to store metadata in a graph database. This article serves as an update to that article.


A MediaWiki extension for storing metadata in a graph database. We are still developing a MediaWiki extension, which we call WikiGraph, that stores metadata in the graph database Neo4j. The extension is still work in progress, but is already deployed for testing on some of our internal wiki's. Some of the features that are already implemented are:

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Features of WikiGraph

A comprehensive query language based on Cypher and the Semantic MediaWiki query language The ability to store labels, relations, subobjects and properties on a page
The ability to query external data in the graph and create pages based on that data Proper redirect handling, where redirects serve as an alias to the page to which it redirects
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The most comprehensive query builder for Cypher in PHP.

To support the development of WikiGraph, we have developed a comprehensive query builder for Cypher in PHP. It is currently the most complete implementation of a query builder for Cypher in PHP. You can listen to a roundtable discussion about the query builder and other Neo4j PHP packages here.


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The Wikibase stack

The Wikibase stack builds on MediaWiki.

With Open CSP MediaWiki is turned into an enterprise level Content Services Platform.

Wikibase CSP is Open CSP with additional features that fit in our ecosystem.

Our current products:

The customer solution that fits like a glove.

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