What do we mean by advanced search?

Advanced search in the view of Wikibase Solutions should provide:

  • Full text search
  • Combined with faceted search on metadata
  • Option to index related documents
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Advanced options for presenting search results

With the Wikibase CSP framework advanced search that provides these features is built in.

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Features of search in Wikibase CSP

Full text search

First the search must provide a full text search experience that we are used to when searching the internet.

Faceted search on metadata

With the Open CSP framework pages have metadata, or properties. When searching for information, we want an experience and facilities that are similar to when searching for information on a webshop.

Indexing related documents

It should be possible to index PDF documents related to a page. Then the page appears also when the search term is found in the document rather than on the page itself.

Easy configuration

Configuration of search is done on the page itself and easy to understand.

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Wikibase stack.png

The Wikibase stack

The Wikibase stack builds on MediaWiki.

With Open CSP MediaWiki is turned into an enterprise level Content Services Platform.

Wikibase CSP is Open CSP with additional features that fit in our ecosystem.

Our current products:

The customer solution that fits like a glove.

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