Wikibase Solutions moves you(r environments)!

Are you in possession of a Wiki but is back-end work too much of a hassle? Having trouble keeping your Wiki up to date, or is your 'Wiki guy' absent or always busy? Don't worry, Wikibase Solutions is happy to handle your MediaWiki installation for you. Our engineers have a lot of experience setting up and maintaining MediaWiki installations and will happily take this task off your hands so you can focus on what's really important - using the Wiki!


Wikibase Solutions has for years been partnered with True, which handles our hosting infrastructure for us. With this strong and reliable partner, we can focus all of our attention on making sure that your Wiki is accessible and stable! Neat! Don't want us to host your Wiki ourselves, but rather set up an Amazon or Azure hosted environment? We've got you. Over the years, we've handled the infrastructure for several cloud-hosted Wikis and even delivered containers with their applications.


Have an old dusty Wiki somewhere that needs to be moved into a new hosting environment? No problem! Over the past couple of years, Wikibase Solutions has built up a specialization in taking these Wikis and moving them into a new, shiny home! If you need us to, we'll even pat the dust off and give your Wiki a good shine and wax to make sure it's ready for the future. And if you're attached to that old aesthetic and really don't want anything to change, we understand and we'll set up your Wiki exactly the way you want us to. With us, you control what your Wiki looks like after the migration.

Maintenance support

So you've got us hosting your migrated Wiki, but now you need some work done on it? Well, let me first congratulate you on making the excellent decision for entrusting us with your Wiki. But now your security team is breathing down your neck needing some security headers set, or the content generation team handling your Wiki really needs a certain extension installed? Don't worry, Wikibase Solutions will handle the maintenance and will even make sure that your Wiki is up to date with all the latest security updates to the framework. It's our goal to set up a stable infrastructure for your teams to work with so that you never need to worry about whether or not your Wiki is working.


Murphy's Law dictates that at some point, something will go wrong. At Wikibase Solutions, we take continuity very seriously. If your Wiki goes down or shows unexpected behaviour, we will make it our priority to fix this. With years of knowledge and experience built up handling the MediaWiki platform, we can often rapidly resolve your problems. And if a problem proves difficult, you can rest assured that we will keep working on it until we've found an acceptable solution.

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