Modern design is possible with MediaWiki

In the past year, the design has played an increasingly important role in creating custom-made software. When we first received the design from the customer, we included it as an option in our own process. We believe that with an iterative process between design and software we can come to a better and more efficient solution. Wikis are not just boring pages full of text.

Creative freedom with Bootstrap

The Bootstrap framework in combination with Chameleon 2 gives the freedom needed to find the right balance between the traditional media wiki and modern web design. Bootstraps’mobile first principle makes it possible to develop a progressive web app that works well on every device.

Unlike many other frameworks, Bootstrap is front-end only, which means that it only deals with the layout and visual aspect of a website. Other frameworks such as Angular or Vue also take part in the back-end. Which is unnecessary for us since our back-end runs on the powerful MediaWiki.

Mediawiki as a progressive web app and are good examples where Mediawiki and design come together. In addition, we are in the middle of the process to come up with a customised design for What would be very interesting for SimpleGov is the possibility to use the wiki as a progressive web app. A progressive web app is actually a normal website with functionalities of an app. For example, a progressive web app is capable of sending notifications and can also be used offline. This is made possible for service workers.

A service worker is a script that runs the browser in the background, separate from the web page. Since a service worker consists of javascript, it is possible to also make wikis progressive web apps. The advantage of a progressive web app is that there is no need to develop a separate app that the user must then download via an app store. The user only has to put a bookmark on the home screen and voila, a full-fledged app running on MediaWiki.

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