Flying start through Smart Business Wiki

In early 2013, DMIdee, the company of Jan Bekkers and Rob Hekman, had a flying start. Particularly possible due to the knowledgeable staff they had from day 1. The Smart Business Wiki was also allowed to contribute.

The plans were completed in October 2012 and DMIdee was launched. "Can you create a wiki for us with which we can do our administration?" Jan Bekkers was used by his previous employer Exact Synergy and he was not happy about that. And not only Jan, but he also would not make his employees happy with such a package.

Jan needed a system for his mailing company with which he:

  • Managed customer data
  • Establish price-lists
  • Made calculations
  • Made quotes
  • Invoicing
  • Link to Exact online for accounting

The answer from Wikibase Solutions was clear. We have never before made quotes and invoices and the link to Exact online. Let's get that working first before a definitive 'yes' comes.

Everything is possible

We quickly realised that the printing of quotes and invoices worked well and that the link to Exact was easier than expected. Not just the way the data is transferred. This is simply done via a csv file. What pleasantly surprised the accountant was that precisely the right data could be supplied in the right form. That saves work when importing into Exact.

Does that mean customization?

Custom solution: Yes. Custom software programming: No. We wouldn't want to do that to our customers either: it would take too much time and therefore become too expensive. But for the user, the system is tailor-made, because the system fits in exactly with their own way of working.

Details can be important

An example. An order for a mailing can consist of many different parts, such as design, printing, handling, postage, storage. Before the calculation can be made, it must be clear what exactly the customer wants. And when making the calculation you must have that story to hand to make the right choices. We realized that for DMIdee. A small adjustment that could be made within the maintenance contract, so that it did not entail any extra costs.

Easily accessible, but it ensures that the chance of errors is made as small as possible. And that is important to DMIdee because the customer is also central to them.

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