Marijn van Wezel

PHP developer

About Marijn van Wezel

I am a second-year university student studying computer science. When I have time left, I develop extensions for Wikibase Solutions.

Published articles:

Developer log #8 :: MWUnit

MWUnit is an extension for MediaWiki that provides a unit testing framework for templates, parser functions and other wikitext programming features Read more

Developer log #7 :: WSPermissions

WSPermissions allows for advanced, fine-grained permission management in MediaWiki Read more

Developer log #4 :: OAuth Authentication

WSOAuth enables your wiki to easily delegate authentication to any OAuth provider. Read more

Metadata storage in a graph database - an update

An update of recent developments around Neo4j and MediaWiki Read more

Developer Log # 3 - WSArrays

Associative and multidimensional arrays for MediaWiki Read more

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