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We usually have a developing environment. When developing is done, we push our code to a repository. From there we create a Docker container and we deploy it to a Testing server. From there it is deployed to an Acceptance server and finally to production.

This means we have all these PHP, JavaScript or any other code under Version Control. However, we also have Wiki-pages, Wiki-templates, Wiki-widgets and forms that are fundamental for it all to work properly.

With PageSync, we can now also push our Templates, Widgets, Files or any important Wiki page to our repository under version control. When deploying a container, the PageSync maintenance script is automatically run and therefore also updating pages or files in the Wiki.

In short the PageSync MediaWiki extension allows for storing any wiki page content to a file on the server.

PageSync used to be called WSPageSync, but with the continues work on Open CSP we have decided to rename WSPageSync to PageSync.

With the name-change we also added new features, like back-up, tagging pages and creating Shared packages. All these features are available on PageSync's Special page and also through its Maintenance Script.

Especially the Shared Package option can be very handy for exchanging sets of wikipages, templates, widgets, files and more into one package and shared it with other people. A PageSync share file can be used on another Wiki with PageSync installed and have those pages or files be installed there.

More information on PageSync Shared Files can be found on the PageSync documentation for Shared files

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