Developer log #15 :: FlexForm

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In the beginning of 2022 we dedicated time and resources to release WSForm to the community. Since WSForm wasn't written with a community release in mind, we have completely rewritten the extension.

With the continues work on Open CSP we have also decided to rename WSForm to FlexForm.

Main changes from WSForm

Renamed from WSForm to FlexForm Easy installation
Tag wsform is now _form Tag wsfield is now _input
Tag wsedit is now _edit Tag wscreate is now _create
Tag wsemail is now _email Tag wsfieldset is now _fieldset
Tag wslabel is now_label Tag wstoken is now _token
Tag wslegend is now _legend Tag wsselect is now_select
new parser tags : _instance and _createuser email API Bot support
Show on select options Instances. Lets you define some input fields that can be instanced
screengrab options upload multiple files
SEO friendly inputs (for e.g. new page titles) Extension support also through MediaWiki Hook FFAfterFormHandling
Skin support And many other improvements and new functionality

Usefull links

  • All the Developer logs on WSForm are still available on our website, since they are still valid and can be a usefull inspiration for FlexForm usages.

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