Developer log #20 :: FlexForm v2.1 Release

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New stuff

  • JSON Schema support Use a JSON schema to render a form. In combination with instances this can be a very powerful tool. For more information please have a look at the  documentation for this. We will be adding more options to this feature in the future.
  • Upload Word document and convert to a Wiki Page If you have a version of Pandoc installed, you can now use the upload file function to upload a Word Document and convert it to a page in the Wiki. It also supports images inside Word Document. Actually any conversion Pandoc supports to WikiText is supported. For more information, please have a look at the  documentation.
  • Support for multiple upload types in one FlexForm FlexForm now support multiple input type of file in one form as well as multiple type of Signature. Allowing for one form to have e.g. one ore more file upload fields, signature fields and a screenshot fields. More information on a Signature field can be found  here. More information on the File Upload and screenshot upload can be found  here.
  • Restyled and improved instances
    The instances have a new restyled default view and the documentation shows you how you can style them to your needs yourself. Documentation on styling can be found  here.
  • Custom separators When using tokens, multiple tokens are by default comma separated. You can now define your own delimiter. This also works for options and select.
  • No disable on submit When you submit a form, the submit button get disabled and a spinning circle is shown. To disable this behaviour you can now add "no_disable_on_submit" to the form tag.  Docs
  • PHPList extension An extension that allows for subscribing a user to your instalment of PHPList.  Docs


  • Uploaded filenames When you have a form that uploads file(s) and creates or edits a page, the uploaded filename is now available to use in an edit or create.
  • No empty for argument with labels When adding a label element without the for argument, it will now not be rendered as an empty for argument (for="") anymore.
  • Rework on returning to page after submit When a FlexForm is submitted and finished its work, redirecting the user has been changed to work with more exotic MediaWiki instalments.
  • Multiple create pages fix
  • Removed extra file type check JavaScript code This was not compatible with all browsers
  • Added parsing to label argument Arguments with a label are now parsed by the parser.
  • Instances now support hidden fields
  • Full support Capitallinks FlexForm has an option to create SEO friendly pages. This means no first capital titles. FlexForm v2.1 will now follow the  MediaWiki CapitalLinks and  CaptialLinksOverrides options.
  • Instances now support the new separator options
  • Config option added for loadscript argument Allowing to have a different folder where you store JavaScript that needs to be loaded with a Form.
  • Email functionailty code clean-up
  • Autosave class and render changes

Get going

Have a look on how to install FlexForm from its  Mediawiki extension page.

Any questions or suggestions? Use one of the following links to get in contact!

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