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The advantages of the Content Services Platform

The Content Services Platform offers many advantages over Confluence, read all about the applications and USPs of our Content Services Platform. Read more

Metadata storage in a Graph database

Neo4j as an auxiliary MediaWiki storage system Read more

Content Services Platform

Lost without Search Read more

3 benefits of a wiki website

What is a wiki website Read more

Content Services Platform

in the center of the digital workplace Read more

The corporate wiki as a business boost
technology platform

How a corporate wiki boosts
the performance of your organization Read more

Company wiki software

A step by step approach
to monetize your assets with company wiki software Read more

Wiki for business

What do we do at Wikibase solutions? Read more

Modern design is possible with MediaWiki

How we combine Bootstrap and MediaWiki into modern designs Read more

MediaWiki loves Elasticsearch

MediaWiki and Elasticsearch
form a strong combination! Read more

In the spotlight: Wiki Course Management for Rijnmond courses

Course management Wiki for Rijnmond courses Read more

Roof inspection tool

Testing with the tablet on the roof: digitization without headache. Read more

Working from home virus-free

Working from home takes more than just fast Wi-Fi. Read more

ShoppingTomorrow book now also on paper

ShoppingTomorrow also on paper Read more

"A very clear toolbox"

A very clear toolbox Read more

Flying start through Smart Business Wiki

Flying start through Smart Business Wiki Read more