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    About Rob

    During my part-time education in IT I encountered a job application for the amazing job of developer with the fun team at Wikibase. Now that was an opportunity to good to pass up! Over the years I’ve gathered a lot of theoretical knowledge concerning the development cycle, mostly from two educations in IT, and I’m looking forward to using that knowledge now. Before this, I’ve spent years working for the best theme park of the Netherlands and I plan on using the experience in customer friendliness I gathered there at Wikibase to ensure the user friendliness of our applications.

    Next to my job, I focus mainly on organizing my roleplaying group (which is honestly a lot like herding cats), gaming and sports. Of course, I’m always up for a coffee at a nice coffee place. Anyone for a delicious latte?

    Published articles:

    Developer log #10 :: Wiki Security Preparations

    Easy steps you can take to make sure your wiki will stand up to a professional amount of scrutiny Read more