Transforming Content Management for Businesses

Open CSP: Pioneering Enterprise Solutions with MediaWiki

Discover how Wikibase Solutions revolutionized content management by developing Open CSP, an open-source framework that enhances MediaWiki for enterprise use.

Why did Wikibase Solutions create Open CSP?


Leveraging MediaWiki

MediaWiki, the software that powers the Wikipedias, has proven its value in managing and organizing vast amounts of information. By building Open CSP on top of MediaWiki, Wikibase Solutions harnessed the platform's potential for enterprise applications.

Customizability and adaptability

Recognizing that each organization has unique needs, Open CSP was designed to be highly customizable. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the framework to their specific requirements, ensuring its effectiveness across various contexts.

Enterprise-ready features

Open CSP addresses the specific needs of businesses and organizations by incorporating enterprise-level features and functionality. These enhancements make Open CSP a suitable choice for managing complex content and data in a professional environment.

Foundation for commercial products

Wikibase Solutions further developed Wikibase CSP, which adds new features and DevOps capabilities to Open CSP. This serves as the foundation for their suite of commercial products, including Wikibase KB, Wikibase ESG, Wikibase ISMS, Wikibase CMS, and Wikibase CRM.

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