Modern intranet

What is intranet?

Intranet is a private wiki in a business context. The goal is to support and improve internal knowledge sharing. To contribute to the learning process, communication and collaboration of employees.

Why a modern intranet?

Depending on the size of the organization, the intranet serves as the central internal content management system. Intranet makes it possible to share information more quickly internally. Intranets nowadays incorporate advanced features, enhanced user experiences, and greater flexibility to meet the evolving needs of today's dynamic and collaborative workplaces.

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What are the benefits of intranet?

Some features and benefits of intranets in organizations:

Collaborate on documents

People working on a project can share all relevant information with each other. A wiki provides a framework for collaborative writing. This makes it possible for different authors to reach agreement in a structured manner.

Content and Information Management

Incorporates dynamic content, real-time updates, and often integrates with Wikibase Content Management System (CMS). Non-technical users can easily update and manage content.

Building knowledge hubs

By linking information via hyperlinks to other (internal) information systems - such as CRM, face books, CMS and applications - knowledge hubs are created.

Structuring and editing information

Wikibase Intranet allows users to structure new and existing information and data. Sometimes the structure, just like the content, can be edited by users. Pages can be protected or protected from editing, such as instructions and manuals.

How to get started with an intranet?

Wikibase Solutions supplies wikis that fit all imaginable business processes. The intranet wiki is open source. This prevents business users from high licensing costs and vendor lock-in. As a flexible and reliable partner, Wikibase has all the expertise to build agile, smoothly deploy and maintain the intranet wiki.


Wikibase stack.png

The Wikibase stack

The Wikibase stack builds on MediaWiki.

With Open CSP MediaWiki is turned into an enterprise level Content Services Platform.

Wikibase CSP is Open CSP with additional features that fit in our ecosystem.

Our current products:

The customer solution that fits like a glove.

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