Eric-Jan van Kakerken

Customer satisfaction, customer needs, resources, strategy, finance, marketing


About Eric-Jan van Kakerken

As a business administrator I ended up in the software industry in 2014. The growth of Wikibase requires a lot of attention to recruiting great colleagues to strengthen our team. Furthermore I am involved in marketing/sales and finance.

My motto is: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. Building relevant ambitions for customers who make a difference with our solutions gives me energy.

Published articles:


The Advantages of a Content Services Platform

Designed to offer cost-effective, scalable solutions for your organization.
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MediaWiki with advanced search



Roof inspection tool - The process is leading. As easy as pie. If not, we haven't done our job properly.
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Inspection with your tablet or smartphone on the roof: digitalization without common headaches.

What is a corporate wiki?

The goal is internal knowledge sharing and contribute to the learning process of employees.

document management system

Manage documents efficiently with a Document Management System. With Wikibase DMS you search and find information in a secure way.

Advantages of a Document management system

Manage documents efficiently with a Document Management System. With Wikibase DMS you search and find information secure and future-proof.


Intranet is a private wiki in a business context. The goal is to support and improve internal knowledge sharing. To contribute to the learning process, communication and collaboration of employees.

How to utilize AI for MediaWiki

Making AI tools, such as an LLM, available starts with embedding AI in MediaWiki. MediaWiki is basically suitable for all Large Language Models.
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MediaWiki Software

Are you seeking a robust, collaborative solution to empower your organization's knowledge sharing and management efforts? At Wikibase Solutions we specialize in harnessing the full potential of MediaWiki to craft tailored business solutions that elevate your collaborative endeavors.
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